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To travel is good for the soul. To travel across the seas is even better.

The Crossed Pond is a travel and lifestyle website that features articles about food, travel destinations, tours, people, culture and trends in Europe, Australia, and the Pacific. Our goal is to share insightful stories, travel tips, DIY, and information that could make any traveler’s life (or those who are planning to travel in the future) easier. Perhaps even more enjoyable and memorable.

Our blog is filled with information and travel ideas that you can use for your own. We seek to provide more than your usual travel guide; our hope is to turn reading travel stories into veritable journeys on their own. If you don’t have the resources yet to explore the architecture of Wales, wander around vintage markets in Paris or savor the gourmet wonders in South Australia, click a story on The Crossed Pond.

Our vision is to have a better world where people are open to uncovering and discovering different cultures around the world. Here, readers can explore nature, food, and culture that will lead to opening hearts to loving the world more. 

If you’re planning your next grand adventure, looking for travel knowledge, or looking for a life changing experience, then read on to learn more about far off places, culture, and cuisines that will inspire you. 


Our Authors

Roche Williams

An associate editor at thecrossedpond.com. Roch oversees the travel, food, and lifestyle articles. She enjoys good music, she treats traveling like therapy and has a passion for photography.

Sean McLean

Obsessed with fitness and travel, Sean is the managing editor for thecrossedpond.com. He loves to travel and discover spots that are not yet known to a lot of people. He enjoys sharing his discoveries through films and blogs.

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